GLS 14 Session 3 | Byran Loritts


Notes from

Bryan Loritts: Founder and Lead Pastor, Fellowship Memphis

SESSION 3: Instigating Change Through Personal Sacrifice

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-Matthew 25:31-46 William Wilburforce… ran for Parliament at 21 years old… came to faith in Christ at 25

-Mentor, John Newton, had been in the slave trade, eventually wrote Amazing Grace.

-WW was about to quit Parliament when Newton advised him to make a difference where he was.

-William Wilburforce gave a 6 hour speech on the need to abolish the slave trade.

-Bryan’s great, great grandfather was a slave in NC, emancipated because of the influence of William Wilburforce.

-The blessings of God were not meant to be hoarded but shared.

-Naked we came into this world, naked we shall return. Our vision as leaders has to be more than things that will perish.

-God opened up the Red Sea first, freeing the people, and then provided the 10 Commandments.

-God loves us as is… but never leaves us as is. – Tim Keller

-2,000+ verses in the Bible about caring for orphans, widows, and the poor.

-God’s welfare system is different from ours… calls landowners to not harvest all the way to the edges of their field… leave the margins for the poor… they can work the edges and gather food.

-How much is enough?  House, profit, purses, golf clubs…

-Joy is not buying another $200 pair of jeans, but it’s helping to pay someone’s medical bills.

-I have diamond status with Delta. My wife doesn’t. When we fly together, I sit next to her in someone else’s seat. When they complain, I give them my seat in 1st class. I haven’t lost my status, but did not use it for my own gain.

-Jesus did not use his “diamond status” for himself but humbled himself so we could get the upgrade to heaven.