Summit Webcast with Bill Hybels

On Wednesday, August 24, Willow Creek Association president Jim Mellado interviewed Bill Hybels about some of the more stretching moments and ideas from this year’s Summit.

“We are fearless about challenging leaders to lead,” says Bill Hybels, founder of The Global Leadership Summit, Willow Creek Association’s annual leadership training event. That’s why each year, the Summit faculty line-up is intentionally selected to “stretch the learning bandwidth” of church leaders.

Summit 2011 in Review
Here are a few discussion starters for you and your team:

    • What session/moment during the Summit most impacted you, and why?

    • What leadership lesson do you desire for your team to process first? What
    would you like your team to discuss at some point in the future?

    • Name a time when your organization faced a crisis or unexpected
    event (in the last 12‐24 months). What went well about how it was
    handled? What did you learn for the future?

    • What can your team set in motion right now (communication,
    strategy, etc) that would prepare you for an unforeseen situation in
    the future?

    • Summarize in one or two sentences how attending this leadership
    event impacted you as an individual. Looking at that summary, what
    is the next step in continuing your leadership development?

If you’re looking for a next step:
> Sign up for the next WCA webcast with John Dickson. John Dickson will explore the views of pain and suffering between different world faiths and Christianity.

> Global Leadership Summit 2011 Team Edition Extend the transformational impact of The Global Leadership Summit 2011 to more of your team with key messages from this world-class event!

> Sign up for The LIFT Project, a 7-week course designed for church and ministry leaders who want to develop their own leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities— as they become more effective at encouraging spiritual growth and transformation in others.


  1. Anonymous says

    When I click on the video, I get a black screen with the white message “This video is private”. What do I need to do to see the video?


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