Meet Marc Kielburger

From Materialistic Kid to Child Advocate

Marc KielburgerAs a kid, Marc Kielburger hid in the family car parked in the lot of a discount store in his native Canada. He refused to go inside or to wear anything his mother bought for him there. Why would he want anything to do with clothes purchased at a discount store?

A few weeks later, his mother took him with her when she visited a family, recently arrived in Canada. The family’s daughter was one of his mother’s students. Marc’s mom knew the family was struggling in their new country and tried to help.

Marc noticed their small apartment in a run-down building was sparse but spotless. The kids wore their best clothes and the cookies they served were a luxury. After tea, the mother gave Mark a small gift and said, in broken English, “You are our best friends. And best friends are so important to us. Thank you.”
Recognizing the impact of a small gesture of kindness, Marc changed. Today he is chief executive director of Free the Children.

Read more about this story on a blog Marc writes with his brother Craig.

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