Relentless Leader

Relentless learner. Driven to action. Deep, personal sacrifice. These characteristics have propelled Bill Hybels through 35 years of ever-shifting challenges as senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church and Chairman of the Board at Willow Creek Association. The author of more than two dozen books including current bestseller The Power of a Whisper, Hybels trains Christian leaders world-wide—and consistently pushes himself to get better as a leader, every year. Single-minded in his passion for the local church, he issues hard-hitting truths that challenge people to take their organizations to the next level. Hybels’ successes—and mistakes—bring high-definition clarity to the things truly worthy of your leadership time and investment.

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5 Critical Questions

1- What is your current leadership challenge level at work?

    Dangerously Over-Challenged – the to-do list gets longer.
    Appropriately Challenged – the to-do list is hard but manageable.
    Under-Challenged – the to-do list is easy.
    Where do you think you do your absolute best work as a leader?
    Where and when are you at your best?
    Where do you find your innovative thoughts.
    You do your best work just above the level of being appropriately challenged.
    For senior leadership in organizations: if you are under-challenged, step it up.

2 – What is your plan for dealing with challenging people in your organization?

    The Line Exercise: Line up your people in terms of their value. Who is “over the line” and who is “under the line”? Who would you keep and who would go?
    The line exercise forces to prioritize & ask good questions. Are people under challenged, on wrong tasks, or is a hard talk needed?
    Willow’s future is tied to the quality of people they are able to attract and develop.
    Field and develop a group of fantastic people to build a fantastic future for our fantastic God.
    The key to our future is unquestionably tied to our ability to attract and retain fantastic people.

3 – Are you naming, facing, and resolving the problems that exist in your church or organization?

    By not naming your problems you will never address or resolve them.
    Why can’t you call problems problems and turn over heaven and earth to solve them?
    Where is the leader?
    In Acts 2-4, the first church a problem arose.
    There were inequities in the food distribution program.
    The early church was at risk.
    In Acts 6, the leaders in the church called a time-out.
    They called it a problem.

4 – When was the last time you re-examined the core of what your organization is all about?

    Best leaders sit down with their best people periodically and ask, “What business are we in? What’s our main thing? Can we explain what we do on a t-shirt? Are we clear about our core?”
    Bill wrestled with the core about what
    It’s easy for churches to lose the plot about what’s most central to their mission.
    The Church is in the life-transformation business.
    Church leaders learn early on that there is only one power on this planet explosive enough to catalyze human transformation: the power of the Gospel.

5 – Have you had your leadership bell rung recently?

    Has a book, talk, experience with God, circumstance or crisis rocked your leadership world recently?
    Leaders rarely learn anything new without having their world rocked and their bell rung.
    Don’t make excuses. Creating new, bold solutions.
    Your God-given job as a leader isn’t to preside, pontificate, or preserve… your job is to move an organization from “here” to “there.”
    You have to believe God is willing to help you move things forward.
    There’s too much at stake for leaders to walk around with a defeated attitude or outlook.
    Don’t end with a whimper.
    How you finish is how you’ll be remembered.

My Thoughts…

Sometimes we need to stop talking and listen to what God’s voice is speaking to us.
Sometimes we need to be still and let God lead us.
What we do matters and it matters enough to ask hard questions… of ourselves, our team, and of the core of what we are doing.

Which of Bill’s critical questions do you need to answer immediately?

By: Tim Schraeder (@TimSchraeder)
Read the full post and more notes at Tim’s blog!

Together in One Place

In just a few moments, you’ll enter into a gathering of leaders that literally extends around the world.

In addition to the tens of thousands of men and women experiencing The Global Leadership Summit in cities across the United States, even more will link hearts and minds with us throughout the coming months in more than 75 countries around the world.

Despite the geographic diversity, it’s my sincere hope that after we’re done, we’ll find ourselves together in just one place: at the very center of God’s purpose for us as His leaders.

Whatever you might need right now to push you into that epicenter of change potential—a fresh infusion of encouragement, motivation, sharpened skills, renewed vision, or dynamic challenge—we sincerely hope you’ll find it here.

For if we can leave together in that one place, together we can transform our world.

In Christ-
Jim Mellado (@JimMellado)
President, Willow Creek Association


In just a few hours The Global Leadership Summit will begin and our hope is that you will soak in the exact right things from the experience. We have been praying over the speakers, attendees, and host sites for weeks and trust that big things will happen in the next 48 hours. Hear Craig Groeschel’s story of how the Leadership Summit impacted him, his ministry, and his family in profound ways. Craig suggests, for the best experience, that you go in prepared. Absorb what your heart needs to hear. And to reflect along the way.

So, take a deep breath. Block out those distractions and be sure to schedule in time for reflection. Pause to take note of the story that God is writing in your heart! What will be your story to share? What are the one or two big things God is saying? What is your very next step?

To help maximize your experience and go deeper with the content, check out the new and exciting things we’ve been working on:

1. Official Bloggers: We have an incredible team of 6 bloggers who will be posting their notes from each session. (Tim Schraeder, Jenni Catron, Tony Morgan, Matt Perman, Justin Wise, and Adam Jeske). If you’re blogging your notes, please share! Post a link in the comments with your blog link.

2. Summit Backstage: We will also be posting notes and videos with speakers and leaders on the Summit Backstage section of this blog.

3. Social Media: Throughout the Summit (and beyond) stay connected via the WCA blog, facebook, and twitter (we’re using the hashtag #wcagls). You can also find Jim Mellado and Bill Hybels on twitter.

4. Download the Summit notebook pdf

Can’t wait for what God will do in the hearts of leaders in the days ahead, and to hear your story!